How to Calculate Sex Ratio using Population Size?

How do you calculate the sex ratio using the Population Size?

Sex Ratio Calculation

Sex ratio is the general ratio of number of males to females. Generally the ratio can be expressed as 1 Male : 100 Females. This tutorial will help you to find sex ratio when the population size is given.
How To Calculate Sex Ratio Uisng Population
Formula :
(Number of Males / Number of Females ) x 100
Sex Ratio Using Population Formula
Step 1:
Consider in a population, the number of males is 1800 and number of females is 2500. Find Sex Ratio.
Number of Females = 2500
Number of Males = 1800
Sex Ratio Calculation Using Population Step1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
Sex Ratio = (1800 / 2500) x 100
= 72.
Sex Ratio Calculation Using Population Step2
Hence the sex ratio using population size is 72:100

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