How to Calculate Salary Hike Percentage?

How to Calculate Salary Hike Percentage (Percent Increase)?

Percentage Increase in Salary Calculation

When you got a promotion or when you switch to an another job with a salary hike, then its important to know how much percentage of hike you have got in your new job. Learn how to find the percentage increase in your salary with this simple step by step tutorial.
How To Calculate Salary Hike Percentage
Formula :
Salary Hike Percentage = [(New Pay - Old Pay) / Old Pay] x 100
Salary Hike Percentage Formula
Step 1:Consider an individual has been given a new basic pay of Rs. 30000 and his old pay was Rs. 22000. Find the percentage increase in his salary.
New Salary = Rs.30000
Old Salary = Rs.22000
Salary Hike Percentage Calculation Step1
Step 2:Applying the values,
Salary Hike Percentage = [(30000 - 22000) / 22000] x 100
= [8000 / 22000] x 100
= 800 /22
= 36.36%
Salary Hike Percentage Step2
Thus, using the tutorial you can learn how to calculate salary hike percentage.

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