How to Calculate Safe Period?

How to Calculate Safe Period Before and After Ovulation to Avoid Pregnancy?

Safe Period Calculation to Avoid Pregnancy

Safe Period is a natural birth control method. Calculating safe period is useful for women to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This is one of the method to avoid pregnancy without any complications. It is one of the natural remedy used since thousand years. This safe period calculation will work out for a woman who has regular menstrual period.
How To Calculate Safe Period
Formula :Safe Period is calculated based on the duration of the menstrual cycle and the fertile period. Safe period is the period that is before and after the ovulation. This calculation is useful for the couples to avoid pregnancy.
To calculate the safe period, first find the Fertile Period.
Safe Period before OvulationFormula :
Shortest Cycle - 18 = Xth day
Safe Period before Ovulation= 1st Day to (X-1) day
Safe Period Formula
Safe Period after Ovulation Formula :
Longest Cycle - 10 = Yth day
Safe Period After Ovulation = (Y+1)Day to Last Day of the Cycle.
Fertility Period = Xth day to Yth day
Safe Period After Ovulation Formula
Step 1: Consider the duration of a woman menstrual cycle varies from 26 to 31 day and her first day of Menstrual cycle is on October-1-2015. Find the Safe Period?
Duration of Cycle = 26 to 31 days
First Day of Cycle = October 1
Safe Period Calculation Step1
Step 2: Safe Period before Ovulation
Shortest Cycle - 18 = Xth day
26 - 18 = 8th Day
Safe Period Before Ovulation = 1st Day to (8-1)th Day
Safe Period before Ovulation = October 1 to October 7.
Safe Period Calculation Step2
Step 3:Safe Period after Ovulation
Longest Cycle - 10 = Yth day
31 - 10 = 21st day
Safe Period After Ovulation = (21+1)nd day to Last day of Cycle
= October 22 to October 28
Safe Period Calculation Step3
Fertility Period = 8 th day to 21st day
= October 8th to October 21st
Hence, the Safe Period are from October 1 to October 7th and from October 22 to October 28th.
The Fertility Period is from October 8th to October 21st.

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