How to Calculate Population Density?

How do you calculate population density?

Population Density Calculation

Population density tells you how crowded a certain area is, on average. It describes the number of people present in a particular area. The area is calculated in square kilometers or square miles. Here is the brief tutorial on the calculation of population density using simple steps.
How To Calculate Population Density
Population Density = Number of People / Land Area in Square Km.
Population Density Formula
Step 1: Consider the below example
Let us assume an area of land with area equivalent to 100 sq km is given. The total population of that area is given as 1.5 million, which is equivalent to 15 lakhs. Considering the above example, assign the values as below:
Area of the land = 100 square kilometers
Number of People = 1500000
How To Calculate Population Density Step 1
Step 2: Calculating using the formula
Population Density = 1500000/100
= 15000 people / square km
Population Density Calculation
Hence, the population density for the above given land area is 15000 people per square kilometer.

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