How to Calculate Percentage Increase?

How to Find Percentage/Percent Increase of Two Numbers?

Increase in Percent Calculation

The increase in the price or value of a product or any item, calculated in terms of percentage, is termed as percentage increase. It can also be known as hike in percentage. This step by step tutorial will help you to learn how to calculate the percentage increase.
how to calculate percentage increase
Formula :
Percentage Increase = (Change Value Increase / Original Value) x 100
Change Value Increase = New Value - Original Value
Percentage Increase Formula
Step 1 : Consider the price value of a product was initially Rs. 800 and it raised to Rs. 1000. Find the hike percentage (Percent increase)
New Value = Rs. 1000
Original Value = Rs. 800
Percentage Increase Calculation Step1
Step 2 : Substituting the values in the formula,
Change Value Increase = 1000 - 800
= 200
Percentage Increase Calculation Step2
Step 3 :
Percentage Increase = (200 / 800) x 100
= 25 %
Percentage Increase Calculation Step3
Hence, the percentage increase / hike in percent is 25 %.

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