How to Calculate Percentage in Excel ShortTutorial

A short tutorial on how to do percentages in excel sheet with simple steps.

How to Formulate a Percentage in Excel

Calculating percentage in excel is made easy by using formulas. You just need to enter the formula in the formula tab. Learn here how to calculate percentage in excel.
How To Calculate Percentage In Excel
Our tutorial gives you the answer for how to formulate a percentage in excel. In Excel, you can create a formula by typing an equal sign (=) in the cell where you want your result, followed by the rest of the formula. The formula which you type here also appears in the formula text box at the top. You can either type the formula in the cell or the formula text box or just click on the cells which you want to include in your formula and add the operator signs such as +, -, *, /.

Consider the below table with employee salary details of Basic Salary, DA and HRA. The last column of the table calculates how much percentage is the basic salary in the total salary.

Percentage In Excel Example
The basic formula for calculating a percentage is (part / total) * 100. You can enter this formula in the result cell by typing manually or by selecting the cells by clicking.
Percentage In Excel Example2

When you press enter, you get the result as:
Percentage In Excel Example3

Similarly you can make the percentage calculations for the rest of the columns, by just entering the same formula in all the columns, which will give the result as below.
Percentage In Excel Example4

If you want to display the percentage symbol in the result box, you can change the formula from (part/total)*100 to just part/total and change the format of the result cells as "Percentage" to reflect the % symbol in the result. Also set the number of decimal places to be 2, as shown below.
Percentage In Excel Example6

Which will give the result as:
Percentage In Excel Example7

Change the number format to percentage by right-clicking and selecting the "Format Cells" option in the menu.
Percentage In Excel Example8

Finally, you can see the result cells showing the percentages.
Percentage In Excel Example9

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