How to Calculate Percent Error?

How do you calculate percentage error?

Percentage Error Calculation

Percentage error is the ratio of the difference in original and observed value to the original value expressed in percentage. This simple step by step tutorial will help you to learn how to find the percentage error.
How To Find Percent Error
Formula :
[(Original Value - Observed Value) / Original Value] x 100
Percent Error Formula
Step 1: Let us consider the original value as 30 and observed value as 32.
Original Value = 30
Observed Value = 32
Percentage Error Calculation Step 1
Step 2: Applying the values in the formula,
= [(30-32) / 30 ] x 100
Ignore any minus sign that occurs in the ratio [(30-32) / 30 ].
Simplifying, we get
= (-2 / 30) x 100
= (2/3) x 10 [Ignoring minus sign]
= 6.66%
Hence, 6.66% is the percentage error.
Percentage Error Calculation Step 2
Find the error percentage ratio of the observed value and the original value using this simple percent calculator.

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