How to Calculate PCD of Flange?

How to Find PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) of Four,Five, Six Hole Flange?

Pitch Circle Diameter of Flange Calculation

PCD is called as Pitch Circle Diameter. PCD of a flange is one of the critical dimensions, usually measured in millimeters. It is the diameter of the circle that passes through every bolt holes. It is usually used to measure the distance between the two opposite holes. PCD of a flange can be calculated from 4 holes or Stud.
Pcd Of Flange
Let us learn how to calculate PCD of 4, 5 and 6 hole flange.
How To Calculate Pcd Of Flange
Formula forPitch Circle Diameter of a Flange:
For 4 Hole Flange = s / 0.7071
For 5 Hole Flange = s / 0. 5878
For 6 Hole Flange = s / 0.5
s = Measurement of Flange
Pcd Of Flange Formula
Step 1: Consider a 100mm flange, with 6 holes. Find the PCD of the flange.
Given Data :
s - 100 mm
Holes - 6
Pcd Of Flange Calculation Step1
Step 2: Substitute the values in the formula
Pitch Circle Diameter of 6 Hole Flange = s / 0.5
= 100 /0.5
PCD of Flange = 200mm
How To Calculate Pcd Of Flange Step2

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