How to Calculate Mod?

How to find mod or modulo of a number?

Modulo Calculation

Mod / Modulo is the remainder value of division using mod operator function. Here you can calculate the mod value of a number from the simple step by step tutorial.
How To Calculate Mod
Formula for Mod Calculation:
Modulo Remainder of Division Value (a % b)
a is first numeric value
b is second numeric value.
Formula For Modulo Calculation
Step 1: Let us consider an example,
a = 17
b = 3
How To Calculate Mod Step1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the above formula we get,
Mod = 17%3
We know that, 5 x 3 = 15
Now, 17 - 15 = 2
Quotient = 5
Reminder = 2
17 Divided By 3copy
The reminder 2 is the mod value.
How To Calculate Mod Step2
Hence, the Modulo Remainder is Two.

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