Calculate Mean, Median and Mode

How do you calculate mean, median and mode for given set of values?

Mean, Median and Mode Calculation

Mean is to find the average for the given set of values. To calculate mean, add all the values in the set and divide the resultant value by the total count of number.
Click on the below link and learn how to calculate mean from the step by step tutorial.
How to Calculate Mean?
Calculate Mean
Median is to find the middle most value from the given set of data. In order to find the median value, you just need to rearrange the values in the ascending order.
Click the link given below to find the median value from the simple step by step tutorial.
How to Calculate Median?
Calculate Median
Mode is to find the most repeated value in the set of numbers. You can find the mode by marking the repeating count of each number.
Click the below link to find the mode value from our simple tutorial.
How to Calculate Mode?
Calculate Mode