How To Calculate Mean in Excel?

How to Find Mean / Average in Microsoft (MS) Excel?

Microsoft Excel (MS) Average Formula | AVERAGE Function in Excel

Arithmetic mean is defined as the average of a set of numerical values. It is calculated by adding all the numbers and by dividing the total with the number of terms in the set. Microsoft Excel is designed to calculate mean of a set of numbers dynamically using the simple formula AVERAGE(number1, number2...)

Let us learn here how to calculate mean in excel with sample pictures.

How To Calculate Mean In Excel
Step 1:
Open a file in an excel containing sample data to find the arithmetic mean.
Excel With Sample Data To Find Mean
Step 2: Keep the cursor on the cell where you want the mean to be calculated (say B7) and click on the Function icon under Insert Menu. You could see the Functions Tab which lists default mathematical functions. Select AVERAGE and Hit Ok.
Select Insert Function
Step 3: The Average formula is now displayed in the selected cell (B7) as AVERAGE
Average Function In Excel
Step 4: Complete the mean formula, by selecting the cells from B2 to B6 and Hit Enter. Here, Drag the cursor from B2 to B6. Now, the formula is AVERAGE (B2:B6), Hit Enter.
Enter Average Formula In Excel
Step 5: The mean of the set of numbers is calculated and displayed as 77.8 in cell B7.
Average Mean Is Calculated In Excel

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