How To Calculate Land Area of Regular Shaped Land?

A short measurement tutorial that helps you learn how to calculate land area of regular shaped land with a neat example.

Calculating Land Area of Regular Shaped Land

A Regular shaped land indicates that land parcels looking like a perfect rectangle, square, etc. Given here is a short tutorial on how to calculate land area for regular shaped land.
Follow the below steps on how to calculate the acreage or land area of a rectangle shaped land.

Step 1:
As the area of a rectangle is calculated by the formula a = l x w, you need to first calculate the length and width of the land. Once we find the area of the land, we can convert it into acres. Usually the land area is calculated as square feet, yards, or meters and is then converted in acres. Measure the length of the regular shaped land, which is the longest dimension of the land.

Step 2:
Measure the width of the property, which is the shorter dimension of the property. If the land you are measuring is very large, you can use the surveyors wheel, which you can push along as you walk. You can measure the length and width in either feet, metres or yards.

Step 3: Now find the area of the regular shaped land in square feet, yards or metres. Multiply the length and width to obtain the total number of square feet in your land.

Step 4: Convert the total number of squares in feet/yards/meters into acres, based upon the below conversion values. To convert the total size from square feet, yards, or meters divide the total size in square feet/yards/meters by the below relavant conversion rates. You can also use the online tools to convert the square feet/yards/meters into acres.

1 acre = 43560 square feet.
1 acre = 4840 square yards.
1 acre = 4046.8564 square meters.

How To Calculate Land Area Of Regular Shaped Land?

Consider a regular shaped land of length 400 ft and width 230 ft. Calculate the acreage or land area of this property.
Landarea_regularland Example1
A (Area) = L (Length) x W (Width)
= 400 x 230
= 92000 square ft.

Acreage = 92000/43560
= 2.11 acres.
Landarea_regularland Example2