How to Calculate Korean Age

Tutorial on how to find your korean age by korean age system

What's My Korean Age

Korean age is called "han-guk nai" and non-Korean age or Western age is called "mi-guk nai. "han-guk" means "Korea" and "mi-guk" means "America". Here is a tutorial which helps you on how to calculate korean age as per the korean age system.
How To Calculate Korean Age
Whats My Korean Age?
It is very simple to find your Korean age. Here we provide you with the korean age formula. Take the current year and subtract the year you were born and add 1.
Korean Age = Current year - Birth year + 1
How To Calculate Korean Age Formula
Korean Age System Example:
Lets consider an example,
Step 1: Birth year is 1990.
Korean Age Calculation Example
Step 2:
Substitute the values in formula,
Korean Age = 2017 - 1990 + 1
= 27 + 1
Korean Age = 28
Korean age is 28.
Korean Age Example

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