How To Convert Kilometers To Miles

A short tutorial on how to convert Kilometer(KM) to Miles with sample example problem.

Kilometer to Mile Conversion

The Mile is an imperial unit of measurement used to determine the distance between any two locations. The mile is abbreviated as m. Kilometer is also used to measure the distance but it is a metric unit of length. Its SI symbol is km. It is very easy to convert the values from kilometers to miles with the simple conversion formula. Follow the below tutorial on how to convert kilometers to miles with simple example problems.
How To Convert Kilometers To Miles
Kilometer to Mile Conversion Formula:
By the formula, to convert km to miles(mi) just multiply the number of kilometers (km) by 0.62137. (often shortened to 0.62)
1 Kilometer = 0.62 Miles

Kilometer Mile Conversion Formula
KM to Miles Conversion Example:
Lets consider an example of converting km to miles.
Step 1:
Convert 25 kilometers to miles.
Convert Km To Miles
Step 2:
By the km to mile conversion formula, multiply 0.62 with 25 kilometers.
Miles = 0.62 x 25
= 15.5
Km Miles Conversion
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