How to Calculate KDA

How to calculate KDA (Kill Death Assist) ratio in League of Legends?

Kill Death Assist in League of Legends

What is KDA
KDA means Kill + Assists / Death or it can also be referred as Kill / Death / Assists in the game League of Legends.
Calculate Kda
To calculate the KDA ratio, use the formula
KDA = (Kills + Assists) / Deaths
Kda Formula
Steps to Calculate
You can easily calculate the KDA ratio using the above formula.
Step 1: Lets assume the values for the Kills, Assists and Deaths.
For Example
Kills = 4
Assists = 2
Deaths = 3
Kda Example
KDA = (K + A) / Max(1,D)
= (4 + 2) / Max(1,3)
= 6/3 = 2
KDA = 2

Find KDA value for each of your play in The League of Legends game by using the simple KDA Ratio Calculator.