How To Calculate IGNOU Percentage?

How do you calculate the percentage of IGNOU Marks?

IGNOU Grade Card For Programmes, Courses

IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University is a distance learning national university located in IGNOU road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. The University is named after former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. Established in the year 1985. The university is run by the Government of India. IGNOU, is the largest university in the world with over 4 million students. IGNOU offers 226 academic programmes comprising courses at certificate, diploma and degree levels.
IGNOU Grade Card for all programmes and courses offered are as follows,
A : 80% & above : Excellent
B : 60% to 79.9% : Very Good
C : 50% to 59.9% : Good
D : 40% to 49.9% : Satisfactory
E : Below 40% : Unsatisfactory

Let us learn here how to calculate IGNOU percentage (%) of marks for programmes and courses with a simple example.
How To Calculate Ignou Percentage
Formula Used:

IGNOU calculate the percentage on the basis of 30:70
30% of Assignments
70% of Theory Exams
IGNOU Percentage = Grand Total / Number of Subjects
Ignou Percentage Calculation Formula
Step 1: Consider the following table,
Assignment Theory Marks
Step 2: The assignment and the theory marks for any programmes or courses at IGNOU are first allocated out of 100. Now, convert the marks according to the percentage ratio 30:70.
Convert 30 70 Ratio
Step 3: Add 30% of assignment marks and 70% of theory marks of the programmes or courses to get the total. Sum all the total to get the grand total.
Calculate Grand Total
Step 4: To convert the grand total to percentage. Divide the Grand total by number of subjects.
Calculate Ignou Percentage
Hence, the IGNOU Percentage is 66.78 %
As per the IGNOU Grade Card, 66.78% falls into
Very Good Grade.

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