How to Calculate Horsepower of an Electric Motor?

How do you find the horsepower (HP) of an electric motor?

Electric Motor Horsepower Steb by Step Calculation

Horsepower is a unit of measurement of power. Horsepower is otherwise defined as the energy produced by an electric motor while doing work. It is represented as hp and measured in watts. The Horsepower was originally derived from the idea of a Scottish engineer, who tried to compare the power of Steam Engines with the power of the Horses.

The below tutorial helps you to learn how to calculate the horsepower of an electric motor, when the Voltage, Current and Efficiency of the motor is known.
How To Calculate Horsepower
Horsepower (hp) = (V x I x Eff)/746
V = Voltage of the Motor in Volts
I = Current in Amps
Eff = Efficiency of the motor in Percentage.
746 is a constant expressed in radians per seconds,

The above units of measurements should have been written on any motor.
Electric Motor Horsepower Formula
Step 1: Consider an example and assign values
Let us consider an example to learn how to calculate the Horsepower of an electric motor which runs with a voltage of 240 volts, the current of 20 Amps and with an efficiency of 82%.

Then assign the values as below:
V = 240
I = 20
Eff = 82%
Hp Of Electric Motor Calculation Step1
Step 2: Substitute the values and calculate the Horsepower of electric motor
Horsepower (HP) = (240 x 20 x 0.82)/746
= 3936/746
= 5.2 HP
How To Calculate Hp Step2

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