FSI Calculation

How do you calculate FSI (Floor Space Index)?

How to Calculate Floor Space Index?

FSI stands for Floor Space Index (FSI). It is the ratio of total land area to the buildings total floor area. It is also referred as Floor area ratio.
Floor Space Index
Formula for FSI Calculation
Flood Space Index formula is
FSI = Total Constructed Area
/ Total Land Area
Fsi Formula
Step 1:
Let us consider an example to calculate the Floor Space Index value.
Assume, a building contractor constructs 100 flats which is of 600 sq.ft and 200 flat which is of 1000 sq.ft. The total land area is 3 acres. Find the floor space index of the land.
Floor Space Index Step 1
Step 2: We know that 1 acres = 43,560 square feet.
So, 3 acres = 1,30,680 sq.ft
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Floor Space Index Step 2
Step 3: Find the total constructed area.
Total flat area is 100 flats of 600 Sq.ft and 200 flats of 1000 Sq.ft.
Total constructed area = (100 x 600) + (200 x 1000) = 60,000 + 2,00,000
Total constructed area = 2,60,000 Sq.ft
Floor Space Index Step 3
Step 4: To find FSI, substitute the obtained values in the formula.
FSI = Total Constructed Area / Total Land Area
= 2,60,000 /1,30,680
FSI = 1.989
Floor Space Index Step 4

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