How to Calculate Selling Price ?

How to Calculate Sales/Selling Price using Discount Percentage Rate?

Sales Price with Discount Rate Calculation

Sales / Selling price is the amount given to purchase a thing. When a discount is announced on a sale, the sales price differs from the original cost based on the discount percentage.How To Calculate Sales Price
You must calculate the discount amount to find the sales price.
Discount Amount = (Original Cost x Discount Percentage Rate) / 100Discount Amount Formula
Selling Price = Original Cost - Discount Amount

Step 1:
Let us assume the discount percentage as 8% for a purchase of 1 Kg of Orange of original cost of Rs. 100.
Original Cost = Rs. 100
Discount Percentage = 8 %
Discount Amount Calculation Step1
Step 2:
Calculating the Discount Amount with Substituted Values
Discount Amount = (100 x 8) / 100 = 8
Therefore the discount amount is 8 Rs.
How To Calculate Discount Amount Step2
Step 3: Calculating the Sales Price using the Discount Amount
Selling Price = 100 - 8 = 92
Therefore the Sales Price isRs.92Sales Price Calculation

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