How to find Diagonal of Cuboid

The calculation of the cuboid diagonal with formula and step by step example solution.

Calculation of the Cuboid Diagonal

Diagonal is a three dimensional object that holds length, width and height. It can either be square or rectangular in shape. In general, a cuboid has six sides, eight vertices and 12 edges. Diagonal of the cuboid is the measure of distance between the two opposite vertices. Use our online tutorial to learn how to find diagonal of cuboid by using the formula.
Diagonal Of A Cuboid Calculation
Diagonal of a Cuboid = √(l2 + w2 + h2)
l - Length
W - Width
H - Height
Diagonal Of Cuboid Formula
Diagonal of Cuboid Example
Steps To Follow

Step 1:
Consider a rectangular cuboid with the length, width and height of 7, 4 and 5cm respectively. What is the diagonal of the cuboid?
Length - 7
Width - 4
Height - 5
Diagonal Of Cuboid Example
Step 2: Substitute the values in the formula.
Diagonal of a Cuboid = √(l2 + w2 + h2)
(72 + 42 + 52)
=√(49 + 16 + 25)
Diagonal of the cuboid is 9.48cm.
Diagonal Of Cuboid Result

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