How to Calculate Boiler Efficiency?

How to Find Boiler Efficiency?

Boiler Efficiency Calculation

Boiler is a closed vessel which is used to heat water or other fluids. Boilers are also referred to as Steam Generators as the heat generates heat or vapour. Boiler efficiency is defined as the rate of how well the boiler performs. The factor is used to determine the efficiency, performance and life cycle of the boiler which is the major cost towards any industry. It is an indicator for tracking the performance of the boiler and taking necessary quality maintenance and improvements.
How To Calculate Boiler Efficiency
The efficiency of the boilers can be determined by means of 3 factors,
Combustion Efficiency - This factor indicates the ability of the burner to burn the fuel. This is measured using the unburned fuel and excess air in the exhaust.
Thermal Efficiency - The effect of heat transfer by the combustion process to the liquid or steam in the boiler inside the heat exchanger is indicated by this factor. This factor excludes radiation and convection losses.
Fuel to Fluid Efficiency - This factor determined the overall efficiency of the boiler.
Boiler efficiency is the ratio of heat output by heat input multiplied by 100.
Boiler efficiency (%) = (Heat Output / Heat Input) x 100Boiler Efficiency Formula
Methods of Determining the Boiler Efficiency:
The efficiency of the boiler can be determined using two methods,

Direct Testing Method
Indirect Testing Method

How To Calculate Boiler Efficiency?