How to Calculate Mileage of Bike?

What is the best way to check bike mileage?

Check Bike Mileage

Mileage is the measure of the total distance covered by the motor vehicle. The distance is measured in the unit of miles. The term Mileage can be used in two sense. It represents the distance travelled by the Vehicle as indicated in the Odometer. Sometimes, it also signifies the fuel consumption. Learn here how to calculate mileage of bike and other vehicles manually.
How To Calculate Mileage Of Bike
Best Method to Find the Mileage
Use this simple method to measure the mileage of your bike, car or any other vehicle.
→ When the fuel drops to reserve level, note down the odometer reading of your bike. For doing this, you should first turn fuel valve from On to Reserve. Note down the first reading.
→ Run your bike for few kilometres.
→ Again refill your fuel tank. Turn on your fuel value.
→ You have to note the level of odometer again when the fuel drops to reserve level. This is second reading.
→ Now you can run the total distance run by your vehicle by dividing the second level from the first level.
Distance = Second reading - First reading
→ Now you can find the mileage of your bike by dividing the distance travelled by total number of fuel you have filled.
Bike Mileage = (Second Reading - First Reading) /No. of litres of petrol filled
Bike Mileage Formula
Step 1: Consider that your motorbike has reached the reserve level and the odometer reading shows as 5530 miles. Run your vehicle for few more kilometres and refill your fuel tank, say 2 litres. Now note down the odometer reading when your fuel drops to reserve level again. Lets consider the reading as 5650 miles.

First Reading - 5530 miles

Second Reading - 5650 miles
Fuel volume in litres - 2 Litre
Bike Mileage Example
Step 2: Substitute the given values in the formula.
Bike Mileage = (Second Reading - First Reading) /No. of litres of petrol filled
= (5650 - 5530)/2 lit

= 120km /2 lit

Mileage Of Bike Calculation
The average miles travelled by your motorbike is 60km/lit

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