How to Calculate BDI?

How to calculate bdi (brand development index)?

Brand Development Index Calculation

BDI is called as Brand Development Index. It is used to measure the performance of a brand among certain group of customers and comparing it with its average performance among all the other customers.
How To Calculate Bdi
Formula for BDI Calculation:
BDI = (Percentage of
Brand to Total Sales in a Region / Total Population of Market Region ) x 100
Bdi Formula
Let us consider the percentage of sales of a brand is 30% in an area where 50% people live.
Step 1: Let us consider the given values,
Percentage of Brand Sales = 30
Percentage of Population in the region = 50
How To Calculate Bdi Step1
Step 2:
Substituting the values in the formula,
= (30 / 50 ) x 100
= (3/5) x 100
= 3x20
= 60%
Hence, 60% is the Brand Development Index (BDI).
How To Calculate Bdi Step2

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