How to Register / File DND Complaint?

How to Register a DND Complaint regarding telemarketing calls?

TRAI DND Complaint Registration

You can avoid telemarketing promotional calls and messages by registering in NCPR. If you still receive any commercial calls or messages after seven days of registration to NCPR, you can make a complaint to the TRAI. Your complaint will be filed and will be processed within seven days. Before registering a complaint, you need to aware of these:
1. The complaint has to be registered from the mobile / telephone number for which the commercial call/message has been received.
2. You should register the complaint within three days of the receipt of the telemarkting call/message.

You can make a complaint either by,
Sending SMS to 1909
Calling the toll free number 1909
How To Register DND Complaint
You will get a feedback on the actions taken regarding the complaint filed/registered within 7 days.

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