How to Activate Partial DND ?

How to Activate Partial DND (Partially Block) through SMS?

Partially Block Commercial Calls through SMS

Partially Block / Partial DND category is one where you can block only selected commercial SMS and phone calls related to certain subjects. You can also register your preferences using this category to receive telemarketing calls and messages for selected subjects.
Follow the procedures given below to register your preferences :
Step 1:To opt for partially blocked category, (i.e.,) receive only commercial SMS and no calls.
Send SMS as "START <option>" to 1909
Partially Blocked DND
Sending an SMS of this format will allow you to receive SMS from the subject you have chosen.
The options for various subjects are as follows:
"START 1"-Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
"START 2"-Real Estate
"START 3" -Education
"START 4" -Health
"START 5"-Consumer Goods and Automobiles
"START 6" -Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
"START 7"-Tourism and LeisureDnd Activation Codes
If you opt to receive SMS for multiple subjects,
Send SMS as "START <option1, option2,...>" to 1909DND Multiple Option Selection
For instance, If you wish to receive commercial SMS related to education and tourism, you can send SMS as "START 3,7" to 1909.
Step2:After sending the options SMS from you, the service provider will send you an SMS for the options confirmation.
Step3:You need to send the confirmation message in order to process the Partial DND registration
Step4:On receiving your confirmation message, the access provider will register your preferences and you will receive an SMS indicating your preference and unique registration number.
You can change these preferences or deregister after a time period of three months from the date of registration of DND service.

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