How to Activate DND?

How to Activate DND (Do not disturb) Service / NCPR?

NCPR Registration | TRAI Do Not Disturb Service Activation

TRAI DND / NCPR registration allows you to avoid or stop all unsolicited SMS and calls. As per the DND service, all customers of the Indian telecom network has the privilege,

→ To block all commercial calls and SMS
→ To register your preference to receive commercial messages

In order to block the unsolicitied calls and messages, you need to register your PREFERENCE with the TRAIs Do Not Disturb / National Customer Preference Registry (NCPR). Learn how to activate DND Service for your cell phone number in this section.

You can register your preference by two ways :
Send an SMS to 1909
Call the toll free number 1909
How To Activate DND Service

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