Partially Blocked DND Activation in Airtel through SMS

Activate partially blocked DND (Do Not Disturb) Service through SMS / Text Message

Start Partially Blocked DND Service through Text Message

Follow the procedures given below to receive telecommunication marketing SMS for selected subjects using the partially blocked category.
Procedure 1:To opt for partially blocked category in Airtel DND Activation, (no calls, only SMS)Send SMS as "START <option>" to 1909Airtel Dnd Fully Block
Sending an SMS of this format will allow you to receive calls from the subject you have chosen.
The options for various subjects are as follows:
"START 1"-Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
"START 2"-Real Estate
"START 3" -Education
"START 4" -Health
"START 5"-Consumer Goods and Automobiles
"START 6" -Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
"START 7"-Tourism and LeisureAirtel Dnd Activation Codes
If you opt to receive SMS for multiple subjects such as health and banking,
Send SMS as "START 1,4" to1909Airtel Dnd Partially Block
Procedure 2: On receiving your option preferences, the provider will send you an SMS to confirm the selected options.
Procedure 3:A confirmation message needs to be sent by you for preference activation.
Procedure 4:Your preferences will then be registered in the airtel DNDs registry and will be informed to you through SMS.

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