Fully Blocked DND Activation in Airtel through SMS

Activate fully blocked DND (Do Not Disturb) Service through SMS / Text Message

Start Fully Blocked DND Service through Text Message

Follow the procedures given below to block the telemarketing calls and messages using the fully block category.
Procedure 1: If you opt for fully blocked category activation(no SMS, no calls) for your airtel mobile number
Send SMS as "START 0" to 1909Airtel Dnd Fully Block
Procedure 2: After sending the SMS, the service provider will send you an SMS regarding your confirmation for the registration of DND.
Procedure 3: You need to send a confirmation message in order to process the preference registration.
Procedure 4: The airtel provider will then register your preference and you will receive an SMS indicating your fully blocked preference activation and unique registration number.

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