How to Register DND in Airtel through IVRS?

Airtel DND Registration through IVRS

Fully/Partially Block Category Activation in Airtel DND through IVRS

IVRS will prompt you to choose either fully blocked or partially blocked.
i) For Fully Blocked Category
→Your preference will be registered in the PCPR (Providers Customer Preference Register)
→You registration will be confirmed and you will receive an unique registration number through SMS from airtel.

ii) For Partially Blocked Category
→IVRS will prompt you to choose one or more of the subjects listed for which you wish to receive commercial messages.
1.Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
2.Real Estate
5.Consumer Goods and Automobiles
6.Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
7.Tourism and Leisure

You can choose one, two or more combinations from the listed subjects.
→The DND preference for your airtel number will be registered by the IVRS.
→You will receive a confirmation mail of the registration along with the unique registration number.

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