How to Register DND in Airtel through Customer Care Executive

Airtel DND Registration through Customer Care Executive

DND Activation in Airtel through Customer Care Executive

The customer care executive of Airtel will ask you to choose either fully blocked category (no calls, no SMS) or partially blocked category (no calls, SMS for selected subjects).
i) For Fully Blocked Category
→Airtelscustomer care executive will record your fully block preference in the Providers Customer Preference Register (PCPR).
→You will then receive an SMS of DND registration confirmation mentioning your unique registration number.

ii) For Partially Blocked Category
→Airtels customer care executive will ask you to choose a subject from a list of available subjects :
1.Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
2.Real Estate
5.Consumer Goods and Automobiles
6.Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
7.Tourism and Leisure

→You can choose either one option or multiple options.
→The executive will confirm your option preferences in the PCPR (Providers Customer Preference Register).
→You will receive an SMS regarding the DND registration confirmation and will be provided with a unique registration number.

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