How to Register a DND Complaint in Airtel?

How to file a DND complaint in Airtel?

Airtel DND Complaint Registration

You may register/file a complaint in airtel, if you receive any telecommunication calls/messages prior to the DND registration.
1. You should file a complaint within three days of receipt of commercial call/SMS
2. You can file a complaint if you are registered in DND for more than 7 days.
3. The complaint has to be registered from the airtel number to which the marketing call/message was received.How To Register Dnd Complaint In Airtel
You can file the complaint either by SMS or by dialling the toll free number 1909.
By SMS :
Send an SMS as "The Unsolicited Commercial Communication, XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy"from your number to 1909.
Airtel Dnd Complaint
By Call :
Dial the toll free number 1909, and opt to choose the customer care executive.Airtel Dnd Complaint Registration Call
→Inform the following details about the unsolicited message/call to the customer care executive.
1. Particulars of the Telemarketer
2. The mobile/telephone number from which the commercial call/message was received.
3. The date and time of the commercial call/message
4. A brief description of the commercial call/message

→Your complaint will be registered and you will be provided with a complaint number.
→Keep your complaint number safe, since it will be used for further communications.

Airtel does also provide you an option to file a complaint in their website.
Fill out the needed details in the Airtel DND Complaint form for airtel to process the complaint.
You will receive the actions taken on the complaint within 7 days of the complaint made.

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