How to Register DND in Aircel through IVRS

Aircel DND Registration through IVRS

Fully/Partially Block Category Activation in Aircel DND through IVRS

IVRS will provide you with the categories available for registering preference to your aircel number, either fully blocked or partially blocked.
i) For Fully Blocked Category
→Your preference will be registered in the PCPR (Providers Customer Preference Register) by the aircel service provider.
→You will receive a confirmation SMS along with your unique registration number.
ii) For Partially Blocked Category
→The IVRS will prompt you to choose one or more options for which you wish to receive telecom marketing messages.
1.Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
2.Real Estate
5.Consumer Goods and Automobiles
6.Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
7.Tourism and LeisureYou can choose one, two or more combinations from the listed subjects.

→Your DND registration preference will be confirmed by the IVRS.
→A confirmation mail of the preference registration will be sent to you by the aircel provider along with the unique registration number.

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