How To Add CNAME in Plesk Panel?

Short tutorial that explains you on how to add CNAME in plesk panel.

Changing CNAME Record

What is an CNAME Record?
CNAME stands for Canonical Name. CNAME records can be used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain name.

For example if you want to point to, then you could make a change in the CNAME record.

In this short tutorial, we will discuss on how to change CNAME record for a domain name using Plesk.

Step 1: Login to your Plesk Panel.
Login To Plesk
Step 2: Select the domain name for which you wish to add a CNAME record and click on the DNS settings.
Goto Website Select Dns Settings

Step 3: Select Add a Record from the menu that appears.

Add Record
Step 4:
Select Record Type as CNAME
Add Cname Record Plesk
Step 5: Enter the required details and click on OK button.
Fill Cname Details
Step 6: You have now successfully changed your CNAME in Plesk.

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