How Much Water to Drink Daily?

How much water should you need per day based on age?

Recommended Water Consumption by Age

Right amount of water intake helps in maintaining both the physical and mental health. It is the simple and more effective way to stay stronger and healthier. The simple tutorial detailed the right amount of water intake for different age groups. The table shows the recommended water intake for Infants, Children, Men, Women and also for Lactating Women. Note that the amount of fluid intake means not only the plain water but any other liquid like Juices, soups etc.,
Water Consumption By Age

Age, Gender
Amount of Fluid Intake(per day)
0"“6 months Infants0.7 Litre
7"“12 months Infants0.8 Litre
1"“3 years Children1.3 Litre
4"“8 years children1.7 Litres
9"“13 years (Boys)
2.4 Litres
14"“18 years (Boys)3.3 Litres
9"“13 years (Girls)
2.1 Litres
14"“18 years (Girls)2.3 Litres
>18 years (Men)3.7 Litres
>18 years (Women)
2.7 Litres
Pregnant women3.0 Litres
Lactating women3.8 Litres

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