How to Find CVV Number in Rupay Debit Card?

How can I find my CVV number in my rupay debit card?

Rupay Debit Card CVV Number

RuPay refers to the combination of two words - Rupee + Payment. It is an Indian version of credit/debit cards issued by the Government of India. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the RuPay cards and ordered every state owned banks to issue RuPay cards to their customers. It is alike of international cards such as Visa/Master.
You can find the CVV number at the back side of your debit card.
Right below the magnetic stripe, you can see the CVV number at the corner of the white space.How To Find Cvv Number In Rupay Debit Card
Card Verification Value) is a three digit numbers printed on VISA, Master card, Debit and Credit cards. It is not the secret PIN (Personal Identification Number). While making transactions, you should never enter the pin number when asked to enter the CVV number. Here is a simple and informative tutorial which instructs you in identifying the CVV number in your RuPay card.

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