Wrist Strengthening Exercise

Simple hand and finger exercise to strengthen your wrist

Wrist Stretch Exercise

As important as fingers, wrist also plays a vital role in the functioning of the hands. It is the main part that helps hands to move in different directions. Learn this wrist strengthening exercise to keep your wrist flexible.
Wrist Stretch Exercise
Step 1: Hold any one hand, straight in front of you. Say, Left hand.
Step 2: Fold your wrist in a way that the palm facing down towards you.
Step 3: Use your right hand and gently press down until you feel your wrist stretch.
Step 4: Rest your hands in the normal position. Stretch your hands in a way that your palm facing outwards.
Step 5: Now use your other hand and gently stretch the fingers backwards.
Note:Hold in the same position for 10 seconds while performing both the exercise. Relax and repeat the same wrist stretch exercise in the other hand too.

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