How to Make a Fist?

Follow the step by step tutorial on how to make a fist for strengthening hands and fingers

Proper Ways to Make a Fist

The most effective hand and finger exercise is to make a fist. This can be done anywhere at anytime when you feel your hands are stiff. Follow the below steps on how to make a fist.
Make A Fist
Step 1: Hold your hand straight upward.
Step 2: Gently bend the hand to make a fist. Your thumb should lie outside the finger.
Step 3: Dont squeeze your fist too much.
Step 4: Stay back in the position for sometime and then release it to normal position with the fingers wide apart.
Step 5: Repeat the same fist movement for 10 minutes and repeat the same in the other hand too. This is the proper way to make a fist to relax your hands while working for long hours.

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