Add Numbers using Sum Function

How to add numbers in Google Docs Spreadsheet?


There are two options to sum the values.
Option 1: Find the sum using plus sign.
Step 1: Type the cell references with plus sign to sum the values. Here, we find the sum of the cells A3 and A6,
sum google spreadsheet
Step 2: Total sum will be displayed in the cell where we used the formula.
sum google spreadsheet1
Option 2: Use the sum function to find the sum.
Step 1: Type "=sum(", select the cell reference, type ":", select the end range and type ")". Here, we find the sum of the range from A4 and A8,
sum google spreadsheet2
Step 2: Final result is displayed in the selected cells.
sum google spreadsheet3
Option 3: Click Insert→Function→SUM.
sum google spreadsheet7
Using sum function, we can find the sum of different cells instead of range. Just enter the cell reference separated by ",".
sum google spreadsheet4

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