Sort Range in Google Spreadsheet

How to use sort range option in Google Spreadsheet?


Data can be sorted within a range using the following steps.
Option 1:
Step 1: Select the range of cells to be sorted.
Step 2: Click Data and select "Sort range.." as shown below,
sort range google spreadsheet
Option 2:
Step 1:
Select the range of cells and right-click.
Step 2:
Click "Sort range.."
sort range google spreadsheet1
Option 3: You can also select "Sort range" option by right-clicking the empty cell above Row 1 and before Column A.
sort range google spreadsheet8
Step 3:
A popup dialog box opens up.
Step 4: In Sort by, select the column name to sort.
sort range google spreadsheet2
Step 5: Select the sorting order which is present right to the "sort by" option A-Z (ascending) or Z-A (descending) and click "Sort" option.
sort range google spreadsheet3
Step 6: Data will be sorted within the selected range based on the above given conditions.
sort range google spreadsheet4
Sort range based on header row:
Data in a range can be sorted based on the header title using the following steps.
Step 1: Use the above given steps from (Step 1- Step 3) to select sort range.
Step 2: In popup box, tick the check box "Data has header row".
Step 3: In sort by field, select the header row name to sort based on it.
sort range google spreadsheet5
Step 4: Select the sorting order A-Z (ascending) or Z-A (descending). Here, we have selected "Date" header to be sorted in A-Z order.
Step 5: Click Sort button.
sort range google spreadsheet6
Data sorted with the given conditions.
sort range google spreadsheet7
Multiple Sort Conditions:
Step 1: Follow the above steps from (Step 1-Step 3)
Step 2: Click "Add another sort column"
sort range google spreadsheet9
Step 3: Select the column name to sort with the second condition in "then by" field and choose the sort type A-Z or Z-A. Here, we have chosen Designation to sort the selected range of cells first by "Date" and then by "Designation".
sort range google spreadsheet10
Data sorted will be replaced with the selected cells.
sort range google spreadsheet7

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