Share Google Docs Spreadsheet Files

How to share Google Docs spreadsheet files?


Share option in the Google Docs Spreadsheet helps to share our file online.
To share a file, proceed with the following steps
Step 1: In the menu bar, Click File Share
share google spreadsheet
Step 2: In Sharing settings, the link of the file will be added in default under Link to share option.
share link google spreadsheet
Step 3: Select any one of the social media link to share the file.
share link gmail google spreadsheet
Step 4: After selecting the link, Link sharing dialog box appears. Here select the required privacy option and click Share to Gmail.
share link gmail google spreadsheet1
Step 5: In the Invite people option, type the email address of the people whom you like to share the file.
To add the message, click Notify people via email and type the message.
To keep a copy for yourself, select Send a copy to myself and click Send.
share invite people google spreadsheet

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