Change Share Settings in Google Sheets

How to change share settings in Google sheets?


To change share settings in google docs follow the steps.
Step 1: In the menu bar, Click File Share
share google spreadsheet
Step 2: In Share Settings dialog box, click Change option.
share settings google spreadsheet
Step 3: Under Link sharing select the required option.
Option 1: Public on the web - No sign-in is required. Everyone who got the internet access can view the file.
We have option to choose the type of access for the users. Click the drop down menu and select the option. Here we have three options
Can edit - We permit the user to edit and make changes in the file.
Can comment - User can only comment about the file.
Can View - User can only view the file.
share settings google spreadsheet1
Option 2: Anyone with the link - We dont need to Login with the email account. Just with the link anyone can view the file.
Option 3: Specific people - We can select the people to share our file. Only the selected people can view our file.
Here Public on the web option is selected. Click Save to make the changes.
Step 4: In the below image, the privacy setting is changed from private to public.
share settings google spreadsheet2
Step 5: You can also share the file by adding the email id of the user using Invite people option. Type the email id and Click Send.
share settings google spreadsheet5
Step 6: Under Who has access, the invited user will be added.
share settings google spreadsheet6
Step 7: We can choose the type of access for the invited users. Click on the drop down menu and choose the required access for the user.
share settings google spreadsheet7
Step 8: Here Is owner option is selected. Click Save changes. The selected user will be the owner.
share settings google spreadsheet8
Step 9: An alert message appears asking whether to change the ownership to the invited user. Click Yes to change the ownership or else click No.
share settings google spreadsheet9
Step 10: We can change Editors permission by clicking the Change option.
share settings google spreadsheet3
Step 11: In the Sharing settings dialog box, select the required option and click Save.
share settings google spreadsheet4
Step 12: Click Done to save the changes made in the sharing settings.
share settings google spreadsheet10

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