Open Google Docs Spreadsheet Online

How to open Google Docs Spreadsheet online?


To open new spreadsheet in Google Docs we have two options
Option 1:
Step 1: Search Google Docs Spreadsheet in the browser.
Step 2: It will provide the list of search results. Click on the first link (Google Spreadsheet - Google Docs) or directly search using the URL
open google docs speadsheet
Step 3: If the Gmail account is already logged in, it will directly take us to the Google Docs Spreadsheet. If not, log-in with your Gmail account to open the new Google Docs Spreadsheet.
Step 4: The new spreadsheet file will be created as given in the image below,
open google spreadsheet
Option 2:
Step 1: In the browser, search as Google Docs
Step 2: From the list of the search result, click the first link (Google Docs) or directly type using the link
open google docs
Step 3: Log-in into the Gmail account to open a new Google Docs Spreadsheet. If the Gmail account is logged in then the Google Docs Spreadsheet will be opened automatically.
Step 4: In the Google Drive, click CREATESpreadsheet
open google spreadsheet1
Step 5: The new Google Docs Spreadsheet will be created as given in the below image.
open google spreadsheet

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