Move Spreadsheet Files to Folder in Google Docs

How to move spreadsheet files to folder in Google Docs?


We can keep our Google Docs Spreadsheet file under their respective folder. It helps to find the file location within a short time.
File can be moved into a folder using the following steps.
Step 1: Use any of the two option to move a file into a folder.
Option 1: Click File Move to folder.
move to folder google spreadsheet
Option 2: Click on the Move to folder icon that appears above the menu bar.
move to folder google spreadsheet1
Step 2: In Move to dialog box, click Create new folder.
create new folder google spreadsheet
Step 3: A small dialog box appears, give the name for the New folder and click Create.
create new folder google spreadsheet1
Step 4: The new folder will be created under My Drive. Click Move option to move the file under the particular folder.
create new folder google spreadsheet2

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