Google Docs Spreadsheet Layout

Google Spreadsheet Layout - Sheets home, File name, Menu Bar, Formula Bar, Tool Bar, Working Area


Layout is the over all page view of the window.
In Google Docs Spreadsheet, layout is spilt into following formats.
Spreadsheet file name: Given name of the Spreadsheet file will be displayed here.
google spreadsheet name
Sheets home: Sheets home option is present in the left side of the menu bar.
google sheets home
Menu Bar: Menu bar is the horizontal bar that acts as the common housing supply for the window. It is located in the top of the spreadsheet file. It includes the following options like File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Data, Tools.
google spreadsheet menubar
Tool Bar: Tool bar is right below the menu bar.
It includes the set of options to modify the file in the user defined format. Standard option in the tool bar are Print, Undo, Redo, Font, Filter, Bold, Italics, Underline and Alignment options.
google spreadsheet toolbar
Formula Bar: Formula Bar has been labelled with the symbol (fx)
It is present below the Tool Bar and mainly used to edit or enter the formula.
google spreadsheet formulabar
Working Area: Working area is the place where the data entered and calculation are done. The rectangular box in the working area is called as Cell.
Selected cell is called as Active cell, where the text or numbers can be entered to do calculation.
Column header of the working area is named with the alphabet A,B,C...
Row header of the working area is named with the numbers 1,2,3...
google spreadsheet working area

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