Insert Hyperlink in Google Sheets

How to insert hyperlink or anchor link in Google Docs Spreadsheet?


To insert hyperlink to the text, follow the below steps,
Step 1:
Option 1: Click Insert link icon in the toolbar or press Ctrl+K.
insert link google spreadsheet
Option 2: Right click the cell and select "Insert link".
insert link google spreadsheet8
Step 2: Enter the text and link in the popup box and click Apply.
insert link google spreadsheet2
Step 3:
Hyperlink will be added to the text.
insert link google spreadsheet3
Edit the hyperlink:
Step 1: Mouse over the link and click "Change" to change the content.
insert link google spreadsheet4
Step 2:
Edit the link and text and click Apply.
insert link google spreadsheet6
Remove Hyperlink:
Step 1:
To remove the link, just mouse over the text and click "Remove" option.
insert link google spreadsheet5
Step 2: Link will be removed as shown below,
insert link google spreadsheet7

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