Import Files into Google Docs Spreadsheet

How to import files in Google Docs spreadsheet?


To import file into google docs spreadsheet,
Step 1: Click File Import...
import google spreadsheet
Step 2: You can import file from any of the source listed in left menu. Here, we have chosen to import file from local system and hence Upload option is selected.
import google spreadsheet1
Step 3: Select or drag the file from your computer to upload. Click "Open".
import google spreadsheet2
Step 4: File will start uploading.
import google spreadsheet3
Step 5: After uploading, "Import file" popup opens up. Choose the action to perform whether to Create new spreadsheet or Insert new sheet(s) or Replace spreadsheet.
Step 6: Finally, click "Import".
import google spreadsheet4
As we have chosen "Insert new sheet(s)" option, the imported file will be added as a new worksheet in the current spreadsheet file.
import google spreadsheet5

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