Freeze Rows in Google Sheets

How to freeze or lock header rows in Google Spreadsheet?


In google docs spreadsheet, we have an option to freeze rows separately. Freezing rows are nothing but making certain rows static while scrolling the data. This option will be more helpful in handling huge data.
You can freeze upto 10 rows. It will freeze the rows from top to bottom. Use the horizontal scroll bar to move to the data.
To freeze rows:
Step 1: Click View Freeze rows select the number of rows which has to be frozen.
freeze google spreadsheet
Freezing a Single row:
If you choose Freeze 1 row, a single row will be made static,
freeze google spreadsheet1
Freezing Two rows:
If you choose Freeze 2 rows, first two rows will be made static,
freeze google spreadsheet2
Freezing Three rows:
If you choose Freeze 3 rows, first three rows will be made static or immovable,freeze google spreadsheet3
Freezing Ten rows:
If you choose Freeze 10 rows, first ten rows will be made static,freeze google spreadsheet4

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