Find / Search Words in Google Docs Spreadsheet

How to find specific words or characters in your Google sheets?


In Google Docs Spreadsheet, Find option is used to find the particular word in the worksheet.
We can find words using two options.
Option 1: Press Ctrl+F
find data google spreadsheet
Step 1: In the search bar, type a word you want to find. The particular word will be highlighted in the worksheet.
Step 2: If more than one search result is found, you can switch between the words using upward and downward arrow keys or press shift enter key.
Option 2: Click Edit Find and replace.
find google spreadsheet
Step 1: In Find and replace dialog box, type the word in Find option and select the sheets option in Search box. Click Find to get search results.
Step 2: If you want to search word in the current worksheet, select This sheet in the Search box and click Find.
find this sheet google spreadsheet

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