Filter Data in Google Sheets

How to filter data in Google Docs Spreadsheet?


Data can be filtered based on the required values which will be helpful for the user to get the result for a particular portion.
Filter option can be used with the following steps.
Step 1: Choose filter option using any of the following options,
Option 1: Click Data Filter.
filter google spreadsheet
Option 2: Click Filter icon in the toolbar.
filter google spreadsheet1
Step 2: First row will be added with Filter as shown below,
filter google spreadsheet2
Step 3: Click the downwards arrow and select the fields to be filtered. Here, we have chosen "Select all" option to add all the values to filter under "Designation".
filter google spreadsheet3
Add values to filter:
Step 1: Click the downward arrow.
Step 2:
Click "Clear".
filter google spreadsheet4
Step 3: Select the value to filter and click "OK". Here, we have selected the "Tester" value to filter.
filter google spreadsheet5
Data in the worksheet is filtered with "Tester" value.
filter google spreadsheet6
Add Filter to selected Columns:
Step 1: Click Data Filter.
filter google spreadsheet7
Step 2: Filter is added only to the selected columns A and B as shown below.
filter google spreadsheet8

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