Create New Filter View in Google Sheets

How to create new filter view in Google Spreadsheet?


In google docs spreadsheet, there is an advanced option available to view the spreadsheet in a "Filter View" mode. Normally, if we add filter option, it can be viewed and edited by all other users to whom we given access, which will be interrupting our process. This can be avoided using "Filter View" option.
Step 1:
Option 1: Click DataFilter Views Create new filter view.
filter view options google sheets3
Option 2: Select Filter icon and choose "Create new filter view".
filter view google spreadsheet
Step 2: Current spreadsheet file can be viewed in the Filter mode as given in the below image,
filter view google spreadsheet2
Step 3: Now, select the values to filter all other data based on the selection.
filter view google spreadsheet3
All the actions you performed in this filter view will be viewed only by you and not by your followers.

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